Morphe x James Charles Palette Review



Talk about colour. Today I have a good and fresh post to start of the beginning of the year with a review. A few days ago, I brought the Morphe x James Charles Palette online and when it came through the post, I was scared to use it. I missed out on the first batch due to being busy when it got released and it sold out so fast! BUT never mind I currently have one and feeling so lucky to have it.

I have heard so many good things about this palette so I already so frecking obsessed and I hadn’t even tried it. Although this did kind of make me worried that I had over hyped it?

Money. As this palette goes, the palette costs £39, but if you use code James you get 10% off. So, I got my palette for £35.10, with free shipping cause Morphe were doing a broke lass a HUGE favour with that. So actually, I got a really good deal on it. Everyone loves a bargain! Considering that the palette has 39 colours. That’s right 39! we love ourselves a huge palette.

Packaging. To some people this isn’t a big deal but to me I love a packaging design. This black sleek design of palette with the signature on the top in a lovely glossy finish on the inside over we have iconic ‘Unleash your inner artist’. It’s obviously is big but the design and the way its thin it’s easy to hold, it’s not heavy or too lumpy.


The shades in the palette are so insanely colourful. The range is phenomenal there are so many colours but there are so many that will work well with each other. The first top row in the palette are more of the warm, everyday kind of makeup looks. A well-loved stylised classic. The bottom two rows are the colourful shades, where you really can realise your inner artist. The middle row is made with bigger pans, fact is that these are the shades we should use the most.


The colours all have iconic names but if I was to write all the shade names it would take me forever. As for this palette, the amount of eyeshadow looks that you can create is to die for. It’s such a versatile palette you can you the shade Code James could be my bronzer. The metallic pink Literally is a gently blush shade. Shade Face is an incredible highlighter.  Fill in your brows with his cool toned shade Punch Me. Use the big banana shade Tune to cover your dark circles. So much potential in this palette. Though these are just a few of the shades there are so many more colourful shades.  The palette is packed well so that you get more from the palette. Which we love.


When I took a swatch the palette, when it came through the post and by god it’s was so pigmented, when I watched the video of the reveal I thought because James had studio lights that the colour was more vivid. The colours were so vivid on my arm and I was not disappointed by them. I fell more in love. The matte red You’re Kidding (which is a pressed pigment, not an eyeshadow), the hot matte pink Skip, the vibrant matte yellow Bee are so much more than expected. A lot of the more light, fainter shades are not as pigmented, so that you can build up the layers. There is not a single shade that I dislike as off yet.

There is a risk of some of the colours in the palettes can stain, as you would expect from something with so much pigmentation. If you have delicate skin the thought of this might not be ideal. Concealer should be able to cover up though for a day or so. The most important thing is that there was not a drop of fall out. I’m not lying either. Not a drop. 

Overall… This palette has very quickly become my all-time favourite palette. Would I recommend this palette? Hell yes. Although if you don’t often wear colour and you want to start of simple this palette might not be for you. This is more of an express yourself and have fun kind of palette. It’s super easy to use, gives out an inspiration aroma. Good quality for money, 100%. Super-fast delivery too. I think that ends my super long review.

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Love Katrina x




I don’t know if anyone feels the same way, but there is something in scrap booking that makes me feel so creative. I have made a couple of scrapbooks so far as of yet. One was started for me for my birthday, compiled in it was loads of different pictures from our times at university, I was lucky to be able to finish it off when I graduated. I also made one of my favourite band and I have documented the dates that I saw them in the book.


There are a couple of things you need to make a scrapbook.

A scrapbook

I got mine from Paperchase, I think it cost me £12.00. If you were looking for a budgeted version, you can just get a £3.00 version from The Works.

Photo Corners/Glue

It depends on which you prefer, you can use either. I like using both, although glue is defo messier (this is why I use glue). Photo Corners are so much cleaner.


You need to choose the photos that you want to put in the book. I get my photos printed put on photo paper because I like the quality so much more. I normally use an online site just like snapfish or photobox.


Now if you don’t want to go over board Pens! Such a great simple trick of highlighting edges. You can use patterned paper cut into shapes and stuck in or you can use gems or stickers.

If you have any tips and tricks about scrapbooking that you think I can use let me know in the ‘comments’ below. Make sure you give this post a ‘like’.

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Humpday Motivation #1

Welcome to Humpday Motivation Day one.

This is a series that I am going to post a motivational speech or quote that makes me feel more motivated and I hope you can take something from it too. Today we start with…



You must remember that you have to believe in yourself to be able to achieve success.

Love Katrina x

Visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour

Hello Again,

About a week ago I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, also known as the Warner Bros Studio Tour. It was a late birthday gift for my sister. I must state that I have read all the books and watched all the movies a million times. Although I wouldn’t call myself a massive fan. I love Harry Potter. Having booked it so long ago I was counting down the days, and I was looking forward to the trip. I will be honest and say that I have been before, but it’s was a good few years ago. Lucky for us they update it quite a bit and always add new features to get us back.

As I had been before I had high expectations. We were very lucky that when we booked, we managed to get a date that they were doing Hogwarts in the Snow. I have to say I thought it was amazing normally but, in the snow, it was so much prettier. The set, the props, the costumes- it was all spectacular. The great hall in the snow with the feast out on the table was magnificent. They even had the flaming Christmas pudding.


Booking Tickets

When you book tickets online you have to select a date and time for your visit. I have to say that these get booked up VERY far in advance, roughly 3 months. So, bear this in mind when you plan to visit. The prices to, aren’t actually cheap, but I promise you they are worth it as of Jan 2019 they are £43.00 for an adult 16+, £35.00 for a child 5-15, Under 4s go free but they do need a ticket. You can grab a family ticket for £140.00 for 2 adults & 2 children OR 1 adult & 3 children.

Learning from experience we booked an earlier time slot due to knowing how busy it gets and it’s so much more worth it. We had a 9.00am session and we were the second lot let through the door and it was so much nicer you didn’t have to say excuse me a trillion times. Just a relaxed atmosphere. On average it takes about 2-3 hours to do the tour. We were there 4 hours, but we did stop for lunch. The tour is self-guided so there is no time limit to how long you spend in each of the sections but after the great hall you are advised that later on in the day it becomes incredibly busier.


While the exhibition says that it is in London, it’s in Leavesden, which is about 20 miles away from Central London. We drove as we live in the sticks to get to Watford stations is tricky for us. You can get a train to Watford Junction I believe there is a bus service directly to the that runs for £2.50 return ticket that can be purchased directly (cash only) from the driver on the day. In order to be allowed on the bus you must show proof of purchase of your tickets.


Upon arrival in the main Foyer there is a Starbucks coffee and a cafeteria. This means if you do arrive earlier than your time slot that you can get in the essentials before you delve into your studio tour and if you have been traveling for a while this might be necessary. During the studio tour there is a no food and drink allowed but once you are in the tour half way around you come upon the ‘Backlot café’ where you can eat and drink. As well as purchase food along with butterbeer.




When you arrival they conduct a bag search and every member of the public gets scanned with a metal detector. There is a cloakroom if you wish to leave your belongs, such as coats and bags, this is near the entrance. You can also collect your digital guides too if you purchased them with your tickets (these are additional costs). When you start the tour, a staff member does a short introduction and then they take you into a cinema room and you watch a short clip of Harry and the making before they reveal the great hall doors this is where the tour begins. When inside you see the Great hall. Two studios make up the tour and these are ironic labelled J and K. There is the outside area that makes up the space between the studios and this holds the iconic Knight Bus and the house that Harry Potter lives in Privet Drive. To follow the tour is easy they have nicely set out everything for you to see. You get to experience so much of the set these even include Dumbledore’s Office, Diagon Alley, Privet Drive, the Forbidden Forest and Hogwarts Express.


The staff are so helpful. They will answer any question that you have. I didn’t come across a single member of staff that wasn’t smiling.


I have to say that this is a family favourite of ours and defiantly worth going if you even remotely like harry potter.

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Love Katrina x

My New Year.



Welcome back to the blog…

I know that it has been a while, yet I am so ready to come back and share with you my newest addiction to my life. I promise that this blog is going to be extra this year.

Over the festive break I enjoyed spending time with my friends and family eating and drinking LOTS.

Make-up, over the christmas period I spent all my life doing my make up and I love that feeling of the becoming someone fresh everyday with a new make up look.

I recently brought a new make-up pallette from the one and only sister James Charles Palette. I will do a review in the next few posts. BUT this palette has really made me realise how much I want to do make up everyday of my life.

Love Katrina x



I love the snow, but not when I have things to do and I think we can all agree!

The white stuff doesn’t really shower us often, so I feel that we have to make the most of it, but like I say that is okay as long as you don’t have to ‘adult’.

As a uni student normally I would throw my laptop in the bin, and venture out and spend all my time in the snow! Not in 3rd year, I have deadlines coming up and the world is a scary place if I miss one! So I have been staying in to hopefully get them done on time! I have been an avid watcher of the falling snow!

On Wednesday I had to venture through the snow for a client meeting, which was eventful, and then I had a dissertation meeting, so a day I couldn’t really miss and lucky I don’t live far from the university so i could walk! Then on Thursday, I had a uni day that I could talk to my lectures about anything! So I thought I would go in for that too!

Fortunately the Uni decided to close for the day today due to weather conditions.

But I have had a sofa day with my housemate, playing songs, singing, eating and doing uni work!

Have you had any snow days? What you been up to? Let me know in the comments!

Love Katrina


Hey Ladies and Gents,

I haven’t posted in a while, My dissertation deadline is fast approaching and well I knew that it was going to come around fast but its less than a week away and the stress is getting much worse. I can safety say that after this has been completed I am going to completely jump with joy and I am going to put the pedal to the metal with my other uni projects that have been completely on a back burner the last couple of weeks, along with you guys!

As you guys know I had Saturday of for my anniversary and I felt so relaxed and chill and then as soon as i got back home it was back on the grind. Hopefully I will be able to achieve a good grade and make this all worth the stress (finger’s crossed hey) haha thanks to you for being so patent.

Sorry it’s so short.

Love Katrina x