It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

That’s it Christmas is 27 days away! I have to say that i am getting excited within the weeks up til Christmas being at university means we all go back before Christmas, so we like to celebrate Christmas a little earlier with a Christmas meal. We are going to decorate the house when we all get back from being away. Before having a girls nights. These girls nights are regular in our house. We did Halloween, now for Christmas we are celebrating on the 5th with Christmas movies and playing games!

But I wanted to take the time to write to you guys about the time we spend together, we make memories at Christmas that we hold with us. Last time I was with my boyfriend he took me to a waterside garden centre, Boston, (which had a million Christmas decorations)  was like heaven.

Considering the fact that my boyfriend ‘hates’ Christmas he did spectacularly well in keeping his sprits high for me. I think that inside he genuinely enjoyed himself. He brought me cute gifts as well which is what every girl needs. He makes me feel so special. When I go visit him next he has planned to take me to Gates Garden Centre which apparently is bigger and better and even more christmassy.


Love Katrina x





My Job

So I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about my Job and how much I actually love it.

Alongside university I have a job, I have had this job 2 years now. This is to mainly help me get by with my university bills and to give me a little spending money at the end of each month. But skipping small talk.

I work at student ambassador at the University of Northampton (where i study). My fundamental Role as a student ambassador is to help the perspective student learn more about the university, they say that hearing from a current student helps! Although we do a lot of Campus tours and Taster days with schools.

I love the fact that we get to encourage people to come to the University that we study at that we get to let them know about our life as a student and hope we (just about) cope. I love answering the weirdest questions that the parents always ask me. Or even my favourite that I get asked by many parents on Open days ”yeah but how much is a pint?”. But my favourite is standing in front of all the prospective students and their parents doing my student life presentation. Trying to make them laugh and smile whilst telling them about my student life.

I can’t explain how much this has boosted my confidence. Although I have always been a confident person but even as a confident as I was, NO WAY would I have ever stood in front of 200 people and done a presentation.  I wish I could stay and do this as a full time Job. Unfortunately this is my last year on the Job, I have met many people along the journey.

Although their have been a few people that have pushed me further than I ever thought possible. To them i’d like to say thank you. Thank you for opening doors for me!

Love Katrina x

What a life…

With University i have realised that taking time to write a blog isn’t easy.

A lot has happened since i last blogged and this is why i’m writing to you all.

Things got hard in life and i had to leave to overcome everything, but i’m back and back with a vengeance. I have moved into a new house and i’m living with my best friend. This is the best! Always wanting to have fun with movie nights and cooking nights and now that all seems possible! I have found my self a VERY loving boyfriend who i have now been with for 8 months.

I will keep you all updated.


Love Katrina 🙂


So as you know I haven’t blogged in a while, the end of 2016 was shitty, not just for me but for everyone so a week into 2017 I have decided that my new years resolution (and I don’t normally pick anything) is to uploaded AT LEAST weekly to my blog, I know that before I was posting every other day before, but with uni and work i’m just not going to be capable to create any kinda content to upload.

Along side that I want to try and stay healthy at uni and even get a little fitter! (Christmas has taken a toll)

Hope you join the journey in 2017 with me!

Exhibiting work


Just lately I have been trying to get back into Graphic Design after only doing a little over the summer, this has been hard but the more I do now, I know the easier I will find the start back at uni.

I have been lucky that as a Designer we were able to produce work that was able to go up in an exhibition within our first year at uni, this makes me excited I love to hear feedback on my work and to discover how people feel when they see my designs.

Overall this exhibition went well and people connected with all the work, can’t wait to see what second year brings!

What the future holds?

Isn’t it funny how life has gives us challenges, there are many things in the world that as a 20 year old female I feel the pressures of.

My parents has been a huge life savers to me, especially my mumma, she is always there when I need her when I need advise, she supports me  and I can’t thank her enough. She said about staying in Northampton next summer and getting a job, or continuing the one I have and trying to save up money.

Well I have always been someone that’s honest and my parents know that coming home after I finish University is not something that I would like to do, I would like to stay independent to live in my own home/flat. If that means getting a job and moving a little further away then that is what I plan to do.

I’m so lucky that my parents are there to support me and hopefully I will know MORE of what i’m going to do after i finish this year.

If you guys have any comments please let me know! What are your plans for the future?