Bad day?

We all have good and bad days, this is inevitable but some bad days really get you down and drag. I guess that’s part of being human, but is there anything that you can do to make bad days just that little bit better? Well here’s a few things I like to do when i’m having a bad day…

  1. Put on your favourite song and sing along.
  2. Take a shower/bath, just give yourself time to relax.
  3. Hug someone, a nice way just to feel appreciated.
  4. Take a deep breath or several?
  5. Think of all the thing you have and be grateful how good you have life.

These are my top 5, sometimes we all have bad days but the good always comes back around. Just remember to smile. Everyone looks better with a smile.


What I did before University

Obviously school? Most people do that! but after school I went to college. Studied Photography, level 3 extended diploma, which they tell me is equivalent to 3 A Levels? I thoroughly enjoyed my time I met one of my Best friends there.Unfortunately we don’t speak we went to different uni’s and our friendship fizzled out. I met loads of lovely tutors and technicians. At the end of my 2 year course I received a Distinction, Merit, Merit.(A,B,B). Although I didn’t know what I wanted to do at the end of my two years, I knew that uni was an option but I had felt that carrying on photography as a career wasn’t for me I much rather edited the photos than take them.

So I stayed at collage to do an Art Foundation course which meant that we could be free in any subject I wished so focusing on Graphic Design lead to the passion that I have today. After having in depths conversations with my Graphic’s tutor Vincent (who helped me through so much)  I knew that going to uni was a strong option for me. So after applying and getting interviews, choosing which uni that I wanted to study at here I am… meagain.jpg

Reading Rainy Days

Rainy days, well haven’t we had loads of them days. So I have been reading Harry Potter. I know that a lot of people have seen the movies and not read the books. Well this was me until I decided to change that about a week ago. I needed something to do to fill the spare time that I have from uni. I am on book 4 (Goblet of Fire) and its so much different to the movie. I feel completely a Potter fan now I have read the book. Always having a love of Harry Potter and forever wishing Hogwarts was real.

This is me suggesting that if you get bored, to find a book that you would enjoy reading and spend 10 mins reading a day, instead of spending it looking at technology. It can be so rewarding when you finish a book. But then I am a reader love getting into a book that I can relate too.


Sometimes I spend  an undoubtedly a long time questioning everything I do? I don’t know whether I’m alone? This can fall from little everyday tasks to life choices. The most recent has been University, I questioned myself, maybe going to do an apprenticeship would have been better and that I could further myself along quicker just a job and start saving.

There is so many pros and cons to uni from debts to meeting new friends, but after being at uni a year I feel that I have chosen the right pathway. University has giving me the independence that I have always wanted (although I love my family, getting away has done me so much good), a chance to meet new people to make new friends. The chance to develop the career path that I would like to travel down.  I know that a lot of people think that its a waste of three years but I truly believe that you can make use of them three years. Get a job, travel and do work experience. I liked proving to my parents how organised and good with money I could be, which I still believes shocks them.


After just finishing my first year at uni,so leaving halls is so strange, i have had so many memories in Flat 10 Room 1 of Basset Lowke. I packed my stuff away into boxes and awaited the father to pick me up, so now i’m back in Norfolk for the summer.

After living independently for nearly a year, coming back to live at home has been such a change, but one thing you do realise is home will always be home. Family will always be family. I always appreciated my parent but living away from home just proves how much they did for me and i’m forever grateful.

I have made so many friends at university and I couldn’t have got through it without them. I hope to meet many more people on my amazing journey.