So as you know I haven’t blogged in a while, the end of 2016 was shitty, not just for me but for everyone so a week into 2017 I have decided that my new years resolution (and I don’t normally pick anything) is to uploaded AT LEAST weekly to my blog, I know that before I was posting every other day before, but with uni and work i’m just not going to be capable to create any kinda content to upload.

Along side that I want to try and stay healthy at uni and even get a little fitter! (Christmas has taken a toll)

Hope you join the journey in 2017 with me!


Monday Motivations #1

As some of you may know, last year in halls I decorated my wall with motivational quotes, and I thought that it would be a good idea to share the quotes that I find motivational with you guys!

I haven’t thought of a name although I will!

Hope you enjoy them, here’s the first motivational quote… tumblr_m05ffxZLlD1qzjqrio1_500.jpg

Exhibiting work


Just lately I have been trying to get back into Graphic Design after only doing a little over the summer, this has been hard but the more I do now, I know the easier I will find the start back at uni.

I have been lucky that as a Designer we were able to produce work that was able to go up in an exhibition within our first year at uni, this makes me excited I love to hear feedback on my work and to discover how people feel when they see my designs.

Overall this exhibition went well and people connected with all the work, can’t wait to see what second year brings!

What the future holds?

Isn’t it funny how life has gives us challenges, there are many things in the world that as a 20 year old female I feel the pressures of.

My parents has been a huge life savers to me, especially my mumma, she is always there when I need her when I need advise, she supports me  and I can’t thank her enough. She said about staying in Northampton next summer and getting a job, or continuing the one I have and trying to save up money.

Well I have always been someone that’s honest and my parents know that coming home after I finish University is not something that I would like to do, I would like to stay independent to live in my own home/flat. If that means getting a job and moving a little further away then that is what I plan to do.

I’m so lucky that my parents are there to support me and hopefully I will know MORE of what i’m going to do after i finish this year.

If you guys have any comments please let me know! What are your plans for the future?

Make up tips

One of  the main things I know, is that from lip glosses on the front of magazines to branded make up, I have come along way and wishing I knew some off these tips earlier on in life!

So here are my few of my top tips, I’m not a professional but I hope these help.

  1. Primer – Use of primer can be essential to the application of foundation, preparing the skin for makeup. Essentially, it’s seals in your moisturiser, providing a smooth surface for you makeup. This is the best product I have invested in.
  2. Reduce – Don’t use what you don’t have too, if you are only popping to the shop or just out for a little while, don’t go full make up, just conceal and use a light powered. Seriously your skin will thank you.
  3. Remove – Make sure you wipe it off when you go to bed. You need to let your skin breathe and night is a good time to do so. Use baby wipes they are so good for your skin.
  4. Dampen– When applying your eye shadow, dampen your brush so that you get a more vivid/long lasting colour. It’s the advice that my best friend gave it to me 3 years ago and I use it every time that I go out and wear full make up.

Jungle Party

After getting an invite to an old schools friends 21st birthday, I couldn’t refuse to take her up on the invite, i’m glad i did.

I got to see a lot of my old drama friends. Most of them are older than me but I still feel like I fit in well.

This party being a jungle theme, my sister gave me a top to wear and I bode leggings and boots. The night was good, we sang, danced and talked.

After we serenaded the birthday girl she did a speech in which she thanked everyone for the spectacular job they did on the partly then she called her girlfriend over and thanked her and PROPOSED, and it was the cutest thing i’ve every witnessed.

It was so nice to be part of their day. I’m so glad that the one of my school friends found someone that she wishes to spend the rest of her life with. I wish them all the best.

Dan's 21st
Family Photo


Someone said to me that I’m scared of commitment, I disagree. I am quite an energetic honest person who commits to a lot.

I committed to college for 3 years, and now I’m at university. I used to be part of a theatre group and was VERY committed to them. To be scared surely means that I wouldn’t do any of that because it would made me feel uncomfortable.

I like to think of myself more guarded but this has its reasons. Mostly that I can be too stupid for my own good, especially when it comes to my personal life.

I’m the kind of person that runs head first into most situations. Now I have realised that it’s not the best idea but this doesn’t count as being scared of commitment.

When it comes to relationship, although my choice in past boyfriend hasn’t been the best I have no one to blame but myself. It doesn’t make me any less committed to my next relationship. It makes me realise that I have things to work on before then.

My biggest issue with relationship commitment is my previous relationship didn’t really end he just left. He didn’t even tell me why. He just left decided I wasn’t good enough for him and that’s how it ended.

I’m not alone, I know that this has happened to others.

But I wanted to show that I’m not scared and others shouldn’t be afraid to be reserved either.