Sometimes I spend  an undoubtedly a long time questioning everything I do? I don’t know whether I’m alone? This can fall from little everyday tasks to life choices. The most recent has been University, I questioned myself, maybe going to do an apprenticeship would have been better and that I could further myself along quicker just a job and start saving.

There is so many pros and cons to uni from debts to meeting new friends, but after being at uni a year I feel that I have chosen the right pathway. University has giving me the independence that I have always wanted (although I love my family, getting away has done me so much good), a chance to meet new people to make new friends. The chance to develop the career path that I would like to travel down.  I know that a lot of people think that its a waste of three years but I truly believe that you can make use of them three years. Get a job, travel and do work experience. I liked proving to my parents how organised and good with money I could be, which I still believes shocks them.



After just finishing my first year at uni,so leaving halls is so strange, i have had so many memories in Flat 10 Room 1 of Basset Lowke. I packed my stuff away into boxes and awaited the father to pick me up, so now i’m back in Norfolk for the summer.

After living independently for nearly a year, coming back to live at home has been such a change, but one thing you do realise is home will always be home. Family will always be family. I always appreciated my parent but living away from home just proves how much they did for me and i’m forever grateful.

I have made so many friends at university and I couldn’t have got through it without them. I hope to meet many more people on my amazing journey.