Two and a half weeks

So it’s the first day of the month tomorrow for me the dreaded day my full loan goes out for my house even though i’m not living there the next two and a half weeks!

These three weeks are a time that me and my housemates (3 boys and a girl) can sort out internet and tv licenses and all the technical stuff we have to do as adults.

My mum starts putting together a box of food that I take back so I don’t go hungry the first few weeks, because I hate shopping when you have no money.

This is the time that I should make sure that I have everything sorted but i’m a last minute kinda girl, so that will be done in the last few days.

I do however have to sort out my clothes. I have so many that I need to wash them all again before I pack them so they smell extra clean when I get back into Northampton.

I spend the last few weeks with my family before i leave them until Christmas. Hasn’t that come around quick!

I’m excited to meet all the new freshers and hopefully start my new job! Oh, and the studying of course.




The Morning Routine

Although i’m not really a morning person and I’m sure I’m not alone on this fact. I have a bit of a morning routine.

After taking ages to eventually get out of bed and crawling downstairs, I take a shower and brush my teeth (essentials).

Daily on my face, I use the Newton Labs, T-Zone Exfoliating face wash, day and night, this has been such a godsend to making my face spot free.

But once a week I use boots essential cucumber facial scrub which lets me clean out my pores. I love the smell of this face scrub but it leaves my face feeling refreshed.

After this I wash my face over and the last stage is to moisturise, with the Avon care rich moisturiser face cream.

I don’t have absolutely flawless skin, but I really don’t have as much problems with my skin as I know some people do but I like to keep on top of the matter. I have found that this works for my skin, but my suggestion is, if you’re having problems to keep trying until you find a scrub that helps your skin.


Key lime Pie

I have to say that this recipe has been one of the best desserts that I have tasted since being home from uni, I suggest that everyone try it, it doesn’t take long to make but to chill it takes a lot.

Serves 8

Ready in about 30 mins, plus chilling

8 Digestives biscuits, finely crushed
50g low-fat spread, melted
11.5g sachet Hartley’s sugar free lemon and lime jelly crystals
2 tsp powdered gelatine
Zest of 2 limes, plus juice of 4 limes
A few drops of green food colouring (optional)
2x 175g mullerlight vanilla yogurt
250g plain quark
3 tbsp artificial sweetener
Fat-Free natural fromage frais, to serve

1. Mix together the crushed biscuits and low-fat spread, then press into the base of an 18cm springform cake tin using the back of a spoon. Cover with cling film and chill for 30 minutes
2. Put the jelly crystals in a measuring jug and mix in 150ml of freshly boiled water. Stir in the powered gelatine and set aside to cool completely.
3. Place the cooled jelly in food processor with lime juice, food colouring(if using), yogurt, quark and sweetener, and whizz until smooth. Pour over the base cover and chill over night until set.
4. Loosen the edges of the pie with a hot palette knife, then transfer into a serving plate. Sprinkle over the rest of the lime zest and slice into 8. Serve with a dollop of fat free natural fromage frais


It’s ironic that when I was younger, I really didn’t get into music. I just listened to the charts and didn’t really have my own taste in music, but now that i’m older, I developed my own taste in music and although I do like listening to a range of music, I found a safe haven with in the music I listen to. I find that when i’m having a bad day/week (which its safe to say has been a lot lately)  I can always count of my music to cheer me up.

I love going to small time gigs with artists that aspire to be bigger, I love watching people on tour and enjoying life on the road the whole music scene is so exhilarating. I hope that me and my housemates in September will go and see loads of bands!

I hope everyone got the A-level and GCSE results that they were hoping for!



Bad day?

We all have good and bad days, this is inevitable but some bad days really get you down and drag. I guess that’s part of being human, but is there anything that you can do to make bad days just that little bit better? Well here’s a few things I like to do when i’m having a bad day…

  1. Put on your favourite song and sing along.
  2. Take a shower/bath, just give yourself time to relax.
  3. Hug someone, a nice way just to feel appreciated.
  4. Take a deep breath or several?
  5. Think of all the thing you have and be grateful how good you have life.

These are my top 5, sometimes we all have bad days but the good always comes back around. Just remember to smile. Everyone looks better with a smile.

What I did before University

Obviously school? Most people do that! but after school I went to college. Studied Photography, level 3 extended diploma, which they tell me is equivalent to 3 A Levels? I thoroughly enjoyed my time I met one of my Best friends there.Unfortunately we don’t speak we went to different uni’s and our friendship fizzled out. I met loads of lovely tutors and technicians. At the end of my 2 year course I received a Distinction, Merit, Merit.(A,B,B). Although I didn’t know what I wanted to do at the end of my two years, I knew that uni was an option but I had felt that carrying on photography as a career wasn’t for me I much rather edited the photos than take them.

So I stayed at collage to do an Art Foundation course which meant that we could be free in any subject I wished so focusing on Graphic Design lead to the passion that I have today. After having in depths conversations with my Graphic’s tutor Vincent (who helped me through so much)  I knew that going to uni was a strong option for me. So after applying and getting interviews, choosing which uni that I wanted to study at here I am… meagain.jpg

Reading Rainy Days

Rainy days, well haven’t we had loads of them days. So I have been reading Harry Potter. I know that a lot of people have seen the movies and not read the books. Well this was me until I decided to change that about a week ago. I needed something to do to fill the spare time that I have from uni. I am on book 4 (Goblet of Fire) and its so much different to the movie. I feel completely a Potter fan now I have read the book. Always having a love of Harry Potter and forever wishing Hogwarts was real.

This is me suggesting that if you get bored, to find a book that you would enjoy reading and spend 10 mins reading a day, instead of spending it looking at technology. It can be so rewarding when you finish a book. But then I am a reader love getting into a book that I can relate too.