Make up tips

One of  the main things I know, is that from lip glosses on the front of magazines to branded make up, I have come along way and wishing I knew some off these tips earlier on in life!

So here are my few of my top tips, I’m not a professional but I hope these help.

  1. Primer – Use of primer can be essential to the application of foundation, preparing the skin for makeup. Essentially, it’s seals in your moisturiser, providing a smooth surface for you makeup. This is the best product I have invested in.
  2. Reduce – Don’t use what you don’t have too, if you are only popping to the shop or just out for a little while, don’t go full make up, just conceal and use a light powered. Seriously your skin will thank you.
  3. Remove – Make sure you wipe it off when you go to bed. You need to let your skin breathe and night is a good time to do so. Use baby wipes they are so good for your skin.
  4. Dampen– When applying your eye shadow, dampen your brush so that you get a more vivid/long lasting colour. It’s the advice that my best friend gave it to me 3 years ago and I use it every time that I go out and wear full make up.

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