Someone said to me that I’m scared of commitment, I disagree. I am quite an energetic honest person who commits to a lot.

I committed to college for 3 years, and now I’m at university. I used to be part of a theatre group and was VERY committed to them. To be scared surely means that I wouldn’t do any of that because it would made me feel uncomfortable.

I like to think of myself more guarded but this has its reasons. Mostly that I can be too stupid for my own good, especially when it comes to my personal life.

I’m the kind of person that runs head first into most situations. Now I have realised that it’s not the best idea but this doesn’t count as being scared of commitment.

When it comes to relationship, although my choice in past boyfriend hasn’t been the best I have no one to blame but myself. It doesn’t make me any less committed to my next relationship. It makes me realise that I have things to work on before then.

My biggest issue with relationship commitment is my previous relationship didn’t really end he just left. He didn’t even tell me why. He just left decided I wasn’t good enough for him and that’s how it ended.

I’m not alone, I know that this has happened to others.

But I wanted to show that I’m not scared and others shouldn’t be afraid to be reserved either.


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